Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Request for all Professional Voice Users


All Professional Voice Users

Subject: To participate in the Conference./ Seminar at your door step

Release of a book titled “Voice problems and Care” in Tamil and English.

Dear Sir,

You are aware if the importance of voice & speech for teachers and professional voice users, as they continuously use their voice. They never know the abuse of their vocal system until a problem or interruption in their voice occurs. We have done extensive research work on care of the voice. In this regard we request you to kindly permit us to present our research work on Voice Production and Maintenance. The presentation will be for 2 ½ hours. It will be conducted by 3 expects in that field. Dr. M. Kumaresan will lead the same.

Power point presentation – 1. Live demonstration of vocal cord & its function by video endoscope, 2. Practical demonstration of warm- up & exercise on vocal cord, 3. Discussion of various theories of voice production & its relevant to total health care.

We are glad to inform you that our work is accepted by Acoustic Society of India and awarded gold medal for the same in the year 2008 at their Annual Conference at Vishagapatanam. Tamil Nadu Science and Technology Department has accepted this research work and with their help we are doing programmes for the enhancement of teaching and learning capacity of the teachers and students.

Those organisation ,like to use Medical Advance Research Foundation for this free "Voice Care Work Shop" can conduct us.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Dr. M. Kumaresan

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